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1 Part Dublin
1 Part Los Angeles
Method: Shake
Garnish with a Good Time


The Irish Pub. An American Institution. For 150 years, the Irish Pub has thrived here. However, since the turn of the century, there has been a disconnect. All too often, our experiences of Irish pubs in America have been full of clichés and a celebration of what Ireland once was. Not enough attention has been paid to modern Ireland. Today, Ireland is a vibrant, creative, melting pot of what’s new and exciting in the world of whiskey, craft beer, food and mixology.  The only thing that hasn't really changed is genuine Irish hospitality. The Liberties aims to represent this new Ireland and redefine the expectations of Irish Pubs in America.  We look forward to being a gathering place for our community, and your home away from home.


MONDAY: 4pm-12am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

TUESDAY: 4pm-12am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

WEDNESDAY: 4pm- 12am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

THURSDAY: 4pm-12am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

FRIDAY: 4pm-2am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

SATURDAY: 12pm-2am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

SUNDAY: 9:30am-12am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm/BRUNCH 10am-2pm)

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