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1 Part Dublin
1 Part Los Angeles
Method: Shake
Garnish with a Good Time


Why ‘The Liberties' ?

It’s kind of a strange name, right?  The Liberties.  So why’d we call it that?


Because we think great bars make great neighborhoods, and great neighborhoods deserve great bars.  And The Liberties happens to be the name of one of the most historic neighborhoods in Dublin.  It also happens to be where our co-founder, Ray, was born.


But let’s go back a little further.  Medieval Dublin was a walled city.  But in the 12th Century (bear with us), King Henry the 2nd allowed certain abbeys and manors to exist outside the city walls.  Eventually, this collection of little fiefdoms came to be called ‘the Liberties’, because, well, they had some liberty from the central kingdom.  They were subject to private jurisdiction rather than to the king or the town.


Over time (like, in 1759), one of the most famous successful families in the Liberties built the largest brewery in the world - Guinness.  Over 250 years later, another famous Liberties family revived their own distillery tradition, and Teeling Irish Whiskey was (re)born. 


So, when we found this spot, just west of the central kingdom of Downtown Los Angeles, we wanted to revel in our liberties.  We wanted to pour a good Guinness.  We wanted to celebrate Irish culture and Irish whiskey.  We invite you to join us for some authentic Irish hospitality, humor, and the liberty to be yourself.


MONDAY: 4pm -11pm (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

TUESDAY: 4pm -11pm (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

WEDNESDAY: 4pm -11pm (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

THURSDAY: 4pm -12am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

FRIDAY: 4pm - 1am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

SATURDAY: 12pm - 1am (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

SUNDAY: 12pm -11pm (Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)

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